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Pain Relief for Your Neck,
Back, Knees, Joints

and Muscles

Cold Laser Treatment
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Hypnosis for Pain
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Stress Management
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Therapeutic Counseling
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The Science of Laser Therapy
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How Cold Lasers Work

Our Laser Therapy system uses low-level lasers and LED light to treat specific areas of pain or strain and promotes healing of muscle and tissues in a targeted fashion.


It’s perfect for treating back and neck pain, knee pain, soft tissue injuries and joint conditions.

Each of our Cold Laser Therapy sessions is conducted by Dr. Sharon Livingston, an expert in photo biomodulation. Each session will be optimized for you based upon the area or areas being treated.

During each session, your only job is to relax as the laser device up to the skin of the treatment areas for 30-60 second intervals. The intensity of the light output is customized, based on your specific needs and the treatment plan created for you based on medical guidelines.

The Psychology of Pain
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