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Dr. Sharon Livingston

I discovered Cold Laser Therapy, now known as Photobiomodulation Therapy [PBM] a number of years ago after my own agonizingly painful injury to my lower back.  Doing some benign routine exercises, I pulled a tiny muscle called the piriformis that had major pain impact. 


For four months, I couldn't walk, stand or sit without extreme pain.  Laying down was almost as uncomfortable, so my sleep was seriously impaired, too.  I don't like to take medicine and frankly, pain killers didn't help.  It was beyond challenging.

I was at my wits end.  Nothing was working and I was exhausted and despairing.  I put on my research hat and searched solutions to pain that were not addictive. As part of this effort, I consulted an old mentor who listened compassionately and educated me about Cold Laser Therapy. It seemed like a miracle.  Within two weeks of treatment the pain subsided and was fully gone a couple of weeks later. 

After so much discomfort, I was finally pain-free.  I was so relieved that I became a certified practitioner and began  to share it with my clients.    

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