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Pain Relief and Mental Health

Pain is experienced in the same area of the brain as anxiety and depression.  That’s why when you are in physical pain, it’s natural to feel angry, sad, and hopeless.   Pain can also alter your personality, disrupt your sleep, and interfere with your work and relationships. When this happens, people in pain often feel isolated because family, partners, and children have trouble understanding the severity they are experiencing.

Mental health issues and chronic pain are like a double-edged sword. Anxiety can make a person more sensitive to their feelings of pain while pain can be isolating and worsen feelings of depression.

It doesn’t have to be that way.   


Dr. Sharon Livingston is an experienced therapist with a PhD in Psychology.  In addition to cold laser treatment and hypnosis, she can also provide you with talk therapy support. By listening without judgment, she is able to create a safe space for people to talk about their experiences, frustrations, and any other feelings they have been keeping locked up inside.  Doing so can help lessen your stress and anxiety which in turn helps alleviate your pain.

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