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A Forgiving, Effective Treatment for Punishing Pain

I’ve suffered extreme pain

For 4 months straight, relentless pain, 24/7. Where I had to work and couldn’t stand, walk, or sit without my new torturous companion. Where I couldn’t sleep without it plaguing me. Nothing worked.

Not medicine,

Not physical therapy,

Not chiropractic,

Not massage.

Not meditation. Nothing. I had to pretend I was ok so I could do my job. .. without wincing, without complaining, without sighing. People can’t see pain. It’s hard for them to understand how awful it is. You look like everyone else. You must be exaggerating. It can’t be that bad. But it is. You know it. You’re living it. Finally . . . Finally . . . I found something that worked.

It was like a miracle. In just 2 weeks I was free. Free of pain. Able to walk, dance, exercise like I always did. I wanted to share it. I had to share it. I’m trained as a psychotherapist. We LOVE to help. I got credentialed to treat with Cold Laser Therapy, the therapy that eliminated my suffering. If you are in pain and want to finally fix it, there’s hope and help. Please contact me. or call me, 201 739 4700. Better yet, if you’re in NJ, make an appointment to come see me. Together, we'll figure it out. We can do this.

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