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Services & Treatment

Cold Laser Therapy: Treats and eases physical discomfort.  Utilizes safe and effective low-intensity lasers that gently stimulate healing.

Stress Management: Stress can make pain worse or actually create pain. By reducing stress, we can help you understand the relationship between stress and pain and teach you ways to reduce your discomfit.

Pain Counseling: Talk therapy for dealing with the pain.  It is possible to soothe the effects of pain through the use of free association.  Understanding the impact of pain on daily life is a key to change.  Pain diminishes when we understand what caused it and allow ourselves to begin to let the triggers melt away. 

Hypnosis: Hypnosis for pain begins with deep relaxation which is associated with healing and pain reduction. When significant relaxation is achieved, you’ll be guided through a hypnotic process to eliminate or substantially lessen the pain.

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